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Seuntai Salam

Kugoreskan Seuntai Salam penuh kehangatan
menghempaskan angin kedukaan
Melantun seiring nyanyian hati
Bergemuruh bersama sang waktu

Mencari onggokan kata-kata indah di Samudera
Bagai menyusuri Lautan yang paling dalam
Mencoba merangkai sederet puisi
Bagai menyusun ungkapan hati yang paling indah

Tatkala mentari berkejaran dengan rembulan
Apakah engkau akan tetap di sana?
Menunggu hingga kutuangkan bait-bait yang memenuhi otakku
Seakan ingin keluar dan menumpahkannya?

Karena kutetap menyulam kata
Cermin rasa dan keasaanku
Menampar semua keangkuhanku
Dan membiarkan baitku mengisi jagat raya

The development of Silek

The development of Silek was begun as the development of Minangkabau land. The development of Minangkabau land was coused by the deusely populated of Pariangan people that time. Sultan Maharajo Dirajo, however, was assigned his followers to lead the team in the development mission in that area.At that period, the group lead by Harimau Campo was assigned to bring the group to Luhak Agam (Luhak at this time was not approved as regency), and Kan-Bin (Kambiang Hutan) was assigned to dwell Luhak Lima Puluh, and Kuciang Siam was directed to Lasi region while Anjieng Mualim brought his group to the foreign land.
From the development of the region, in fact was becoming the development of the education of "silek" Minangkabau, that the name was not Silek Tuo anymore or Silek Usali, but nowadays is varied base on the name of the region (area) and the teacher. Just as Silek Harimau Campo, Kambiang Hutan, Anjieng Mualim, Kuciang Siam, than, developed in accordance to the regional development like Silek Pakih Rabun, Silek Lintau, Silek Inyiak Uban, Silek Starlak, Batu Mandi, Kumango, Silek Pauah, and so forth. Beside Silek, Minangkabau always follows the development of region (area) and science. Principally, the source of Silek Minangkabau derived from a single source created by Dt. Suri Dirajo. And development of Minangkabau area become more bigger which was stated in the history that the eastern Minangkabau was the old Malay area (melayu tua) and the northern covered Sriwijaya.
This was supported by a Budhisht priest, I'Tsing on his way home to China from his journey to Hindi 671. the most interesting thing to I'Tsing was a meanwhile of his journey to the capital area "Mo - Lo - Yoe" (Melayu) situated in the valley of Left Kampar and Right Kampar rivers in which at noon he had stopped on his own head shadow, that means it was situated under the equator line.
In addition to development of Silek Minangkabau which has been developed as well as development of new area. And as it has been stated earlier that the assignment of team to develop the area by Dt. Suri Dirajo and Dt. Nan Baduo ( Dt. Perpatiah nan Sabatang and Dt. Ketumanggungan) the science of Silek Minangkabau had been varied ;
  1. The science of Silek Harimau CampoAs it has been stated earlier that Harimau Campo was commandedto lead the team to the area of Luhak Agam. As it is familiar to Minangkabau people in Agam, the son of Tiger from Luhak Agam. "Harimau Campo" was also teach Silek Tuo (an olld Silek) to his generations which was dominanthy coloured with imitation movements of tiger from his home land.
  2. The science of Silek Kuciang SiamAs well as science of Silek Minangkabau developed in Canduang Lasi, thought by Kuciang Siam to his generations, prncipally was still Silek Tuo (an old Silek), but the movement was basically dominant with the movements of Cat, as the house pet to protect from the disturbance of rats. Cat movements are extremely soft and calm but too dangerous of it has caught its, when it is felt down on smashed, the first falling was its feets and would not be soundly, just like not step on the ground. In the movement of Silek, there is a movement called "Jatuah Kuciang" means fall down like cat.
  3. The science of Silek Kambiang HutanKan-Bin or Kambiang Hutan who was from Cambay northern Malabar was also inherited the science of Silek Tuo or Silek Usali thought by Dt. Suri Dirajo. The science of Silek Kambiang Hutan developed in the area of Luhak Lima Puluh Kota, the caracteristic of this kind of Silek acts more movements beside using hands it is also using head struck and feet crossing unsuspected by the rivals.
  4. Silek Aseli (Silek Tuo) an Old SilekOf the science of gayuang belonged to Dt. Suri Dirajo and its combination with the three sort of Silek above, was created a type of Silek varied from self-defence from Tanah Basa (the Basic Land). Caught this sort of Silek was so called Silek Langkah Tigo (three steps Silek) or Silek Usali than was named Silek Tuo, basically the main source was Gayuang or most well known with the target "Sajangka Duo Jari"
  5. The science of Silek Anjieng MualimAnjing Mualim was the name of An-jin from the southern of Hindi Persian or Gujarat, this science of Silek developed in Rantau Pesisir (foreign shore). When we take for granted the existence of Bukit Barisan (mountain range) streched from the North West to the Southern East, and from the central to the South it could be seen the Mountaineus ethnics commencing from Angola, Mandailing, Minangkabau, Lebong, Rawas, Relang Pasaman, Merapi mountain, Seblat mountain, Kaba mountain, and Dempo Mountain, as well as the river flows and goes to the estuary of these of Eastern Coast of Sumatera. This was the area where An-Jin leader for the development of foreign area as well as the grow of its society. This kind of Silek used the fighting movement and defence in form of circle.


In the beginning of the fall of Minangkabau Kingdom there were also reformations of science of Silek in Minangkabau. Islam (Syi'ah) developed in Minangkabau in 1150. three young pilgrimage of Minangkabau came home from Mecca in 1803, to reform Islam, that was has chance had accured a political chaos in Minangkabau. The three pilgrimager were ;
  1. Haji Miskin from Luhak Tanah Datar whose Mosque was in his homeland Pandai Sikat
  2. Haji Piobang from Luhak Lima Puluh Kota
  3. Haji Sumaniak from Luhak Agam
The three man came home to Minangkabau to the purpose of Islamic Reformation, from Syi'ah belief to Wahabi belief. In this reformation era, the three were assisted by the five youngsters who has deeply learned of Islamic. They were Tuanku nan Renceh from Kamang, Tuanku nan Tuo from Cangkiang, Malin Putiah in Aia Tabik, Tuanku Pamansiang and Peto Syarif in Bonjol or is well known as Imam Bonjol. They were, in fact, more well known with the name of "Harimau nan Salapan" (the eight tiger).
The name of Harimau nan Salapan was honoured to them, in case of their way in the reformation of Islamic that time was thought to be in violence which was totally against by the custom groups. Lassly these eight tigers was more known with "Harimau nan Sambilan" (nine tigers), since Tuanku Rao was becoming the members of the group who came from Rao Pasaman, beside the religion expert, they were also the developer of Silek in Minangkabau.
For the tima being, actually, the inheritance Silek "Langkah Tigo" (three steps) or SilekTuo (an old Silek) started to be coloured dicussion an opinion of Islam education. From this site, than varied names and partys of Silek in Minangkabau started to develop, generally is perfected by the injection of spiritual strenght through discussion and ritual activity done base on Islamic education.
The more develop the areas and their culture the more worse the Minangkabau culture, aspecially Silek, more over the more invisible the history of originality of Silek in Minangkabau. The names of Silek ideology existed and develop this time was named on the man who teach it or on the area it comes from. This could be seen from some Silek ideologies well known in Minangkabau.

Silek KumangoKumango is a region in Sungai Tarab, Tanah Datar regency. This was developedby an Islamic developernamed Syech Abdurrahman or most well known with the name Syech Kumango (1825). Beside teaching religion, Syech Kumango was also teach the science of self defence Silek Tuo (an old Silek), which was coloured the inspiration of Islamic. Up to this time this sort of Silek has been called Silek Kumango, since the teacher was from Kumango.
To name of Silek ideology, from this case, we can state that it was taken from the name of the region or area where it derived from the man who taught it just as one of the pupil of Silek Kumango , Malin Marajo, as he developed this kind of Silek in Batu Sangkar, the ideology of his Silek was Called Silek Malin Marajo.
Beside some other provements; Silek Pakiah Rabun from Muaro Labuah, Silek Inyiak Uban from Maninjau, Silek Lintau from Lintau a region in Lubuak Jantan area in Lintau Buo Tanah Datar regency which was developed by St.(sutan)Ahmad Tuanku Laras Lintau in the beginning of 19th Century.
Silek Starlak, from Kamang in Agam Regency developed by Ulud Bagindo Chatib 1865.
The development of the school of Silek as well as their names, however, has a greater effect to the missunderstanding of the history of the grow of Silek in Minangkabau. Beside the variation of Silek ideology developed in Minangkabau, there has been lack of the existence of fighters of Silek in Minangkabau who totally comprehend or know the history of the scienceof Silek Minangkabau. This is, in fact, a sadly matter, in relevant to the progress of tchnology, most Minangkabau people has been referringto the import habit from foreignt country and more lack of the attention of the young people to the future of tradition cultureand custom which is said "ndak lapuak dek hujan ndak lakang dek paneh" (ever green)
And so that the education of Silek in Minangkabau at the moment seems to be rare. This is, in fact, regarded as the very secret system of Silek education itself, in which generally a teacher will teach his pupil at night, and so too the inherite such education just like the following word; "kok ndak ado nan sajangka cari nan saeto" (if there no a span find a cubicts).
This means in generating the science of Silek a teacher cannot teach it to every people, but only to their generation only (their dinasty) like child, nephew, or relative. Moreover in generating of science of Silek base on spiritual side, ritual discussions which are so called "Panaruahan" or saving, that why the population of Silek fighter in Minangkabau become more less than over. This can be proved by the lackness of a training center of traditional Silek in Minangkabau. 

In Silek training center, pupils are not only taught the science of Silek but also attitude, philosopy of life and Minangkabau custom and Culture. A pupil will be called "pendekar" when he has deeply learned and greatly comprehend the philosopy of life and Islamic religion teaching.
This can be said that experience is the best teacher, the pupil will learn more from the nature and has a greater respect to all thing he gets.
This ritual opinion "Alam Takambang Jadikan Guru" (nature is the best teacher) has a greater meaning covered universe and it's contains.
In Teaching Silek science, formally, a Silek teacher is also taught philosopy of life which is very useful in forming a personality of Silek fighter.in generating the skill of Silek, the pupil is also taught attitude, courtesy and inner personality.

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